board [n1] piece of wood lath, panel, plank, slat, strip, timber; concept 479 board [n2] meal daily bread*, eats*, fare, food, keep*, mess, provisions, victuals; concept 459 board [n3] group of advisers advisers, advisory group, brass, cabinet, committee, conclave, council, directorate, directors, execs*, executives, executive suite, front office*, jury, panel, trustees, upstairs*; concepts 323,333,417 —Ant. individual, one board [v1] embark on vehicle catch, climb on, embus, emplane, enter, entrain, get on, hop on, mount; concepts 159,195 —Ant. disembark, get off, leave board [v2] provide food and sleeping quarters accommodate, bed, canton, care for, feed, harbor, house, let crash*, lodge, put up, quarter, room; concept 136 —Ant. turn out

New thesaurus. 2014.


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